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Eze Siddig

Exequiel (best known as Eze) works at Nubank since July 2019. Since then, he has moved among different geos. Now, he is the manager of the Publisher team at Nu Colombia and one of the editors of this blog. He is an Argentinian journalist, trained in International Affairs at Buenos Aires Universidad del Salvador. He also is a book editor, theatre actor, TV producer, reporter and host. He have worked in several local international magazines and TV shows in Thailand, Israel, Spain, China, Russia, Panama and Argentina. He turn from journalist to digital communicator thanks to Nu. He uses to say that what came out best in his life was playing football: at 15, he played in professional soccer in his country.

14 Feb 22

Enamorad💜s: las pruebas del amor mutuo entre Nulovers y Nubankers

En el Día de San Valentín, amantes y amigos y amigas se dan regalos como símbolos del amor. ¿Y cuántos corazones recibimos de nuestros clientes enamorados? Leerlo aquí nos pone la piel chinita.